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Why us

Exceeding Your Expectations in a Changing World

In a changing world landscape, Orivyn helps companies obtain quicker, and more efficient results, without the high price tag and lengthy timelines associated with older consulting engagements models.

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A new breed

Rapid increase in automation, out of the box functionality, cloud delivery, and best practices in the commodities and energy software industry, means that old consulting and implementation models are at risk of being disrupted due to rapid technological change.

Orivyn is a new breed of consultancy. We understand how technology disruption affects software delivery models and how these in turn affect client engagement. 

Integration with internal processes

With "out of the box" cloud solutions being more and more common place, implementation timelines and complexity has gradually been reduced. However,  companies still require the right staff with the right skills and availability to support the project. With Orivyn, our clients can easily ramp up and down their demand for CTRM/ETRM software resources, without shouldering the cost of liabilities of additional full time employees or expensive outsourced consulting  engagements. 

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Knowledgeable Resources

As a niche consulting company, all of our clients are key accounts.   We resource all our projects with senior level resources and not just during the "sales cycle".

Focus On Commercial Success

Success means decreasing the need for long term consulting services for our customers.

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We are a medium sized niche consulting company with a very specific focus on commodity and energy trading and risk management  Our consultants are experts in their field and don't require training on the job. This mitigates project risk and budget overrun, whilst increasing time to value for our clients.


We understand that reusing proven methodologies can be useful, but we accept that these may not perfectly match the needs of every customer. Orivyn can define standards and improve comparability.

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