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An expanding global population remains the main driver of demand growth, although the consumption patterns and projected trends vary across countries in line with their level of income and development.

Average per capita food availability is projected to reach about 3,000 kcal and 85 g of protein per day by 2029. Due to the ongoing transition in global diets towards higher consumption of animal products, fats and other foods, the share of staples in the food basket is projected to decline by 2029 for all income groups. 

Open and transparent international markets will be increasingly important for food security, especially in countries where imports account for a large share of their total calorie and protein consumption.

A well-functioning, predictable technologies can help ensure that companies involved in the agricultural supply chain can thrive. 

This outlook underscores the continuing need to invest in solutions that are resilient and flexible in the face of uncertainties. Orivyn can provide this road-map and resources to achieve this goal

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