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Energy companies are continuously looking for ways to improve business process performance. ETRM solutions provide an array of services where operational efficiencies can be achieved.

Despite the vast strides in technology and advances in integrating data generated across teams, energy businesses still struggle to digitize processes and match them against legacy or new ETRM software solutions.

In many cases, energy companies have opted to use an IT project as a catalyst for organizational and process change compounding the problem. Once software has been purchased and the technology delivery team is on board costs begin to mount rapidly.

Orivyn can significantly reduce the risk of budget and/or schedule overrun for companies. One of the ways we do this is by addressing upfront certain themes prior to the kickoff of an IT project to implement an ETRM system, 

Orivyn works with energy companies  to define processes that meet the organisations commercial, risk policy and business model requirements, and fit as much as possible to the vendor’s “out of the box” capabilities.

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