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About Our Business

At Orivyn, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve practical results with real impact. 

We are a commodity / energy trading and risk management software consulting firm founded in 2020, based in London, UK with a global reach.


We are in the business of working with clients — many of which are facing unprecedented change and disruption in their industries, and need a fresh perspective — on their CTRM//ETRM journeys from business process documentation and requirements gathering to implementation and integration. 

Our ongoing aim is to help clients succeed and reduce risks associated with  SAAS, cloud delivered, "out-of-the-box" enterprise software implementations. We examine the challenges in new ways to produce breakthrough insights and deliver new and effective approaches.

Whether it’s a global energy trading  company evaluating it's current ETRM landscape, a medium sized agricultural trader looking optimize their current spreadsheet based trading and risk operation, or a small metals company wanting to leverage new technology to gain market share,  our clients rely on Orivyn to help them meet their toughest challenges and take advantage of their biggest opportunities.

Our in-depth knowledge of the energy and commodities industry, experience in the implementation of CTRM/ETRM solutions , and deep understanding of business processes and methodologies  are the hallmarks of our approach. 

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