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What We Do

Optimizing and Delivering Business Process Management


In CTRM/ETRM implementations, business processes are often not known beforehand, or there is inconsistent understanding of those processes.  If an organisation does not know how current process and systems work (or is supposed to work), how can it possibly be in a position to improve it?  This results in inconsistent understanding of how the new implemented system is to function.  If everyone has a different understanding of processes, chances are getting a consortium in agreement on how the new system should work will be difficult. This more often then not has a knock on impact on implementation time lines and cost.


Oryvyn creates a solid foundation in your organization’s processes by provide detailed assessment of existing processes, reports, output documents, IT landscape/System Integrations and much more. 

Helping Managing Change

The saying ‘people are creatures of habit’ has also proven very true.  Often there is an attempt to identically recreate the system that is being replaced.  Where’s the gain? The fear of change can hold users back from enhancing the overall user experience. 


Orivyn works with clients to ensure the new CTRM/ETRM solution system implementation is an opportunity to streamline business processes, enhance any controls that were previously lacking, and overall provide efficiency gains resulting in lower overhead costs and allowing End Users to focus on other priority activities.

Mitigating Risk and Increasing Value

New software implementations can be a risky undertaking. Many factors can lead to success or failure including software not properly adapted to business processes. 


Sometimes management has been removed from the front line for a period of time and don’t realize what the real processes are, or how cumbersome some may truly be.  Business process review and definition prior to implementation is a way to reduce the risk of software implementation.

Orivyn works with clients to identify any weak points in the current processes and define process improvements that gain efficiency and effectiveness. Involving End Users in the review can help identify these enhancements and minimize their resistance to changes in business processes,  generating a sense of ownership/empowerment  among the End User community.


Configuring Out-of-box CTRM  / ETRM solutions to your company's needs

In a SAAS, Cloud delivered, remotely implemented CTRM/ETRM landscape, more and more clients are asking for out-of-the-box solutions which are easy to implement and integrate, but also leave room for configuration to meet their own specific requirements. Companies are striving to get to the 80% out-of-the-box threshold with the remainder of functionality being delivered through configurations and an out-right elimination of customization.


Since Out-of-the-Box solutions are very rarely configured to meet the needs of each client, Orivyn helps client's augment their teams to balance their desire for tailored performance and competitive costs.

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