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Many industries and business models are at risk of being disrupted due to rapid technological developments. This new wave of opportunity is replacing old distribution channels, and changing the way people and businesses interact with each other.

Oryvn helps companies develop, and implement C/ETRM digitization strategies to meet future market  opportunities. 

Business Meeting
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As-Is Assessment

·       Create a solid foundation in your organization’s processes.
·       Detailed assessment of existing processes, reports, output documents, IT landscape/System Integrations.
·       Formalization of the as is business processes to be covered by the software.

Functional, Technical and Integration Requirements Gathering

  • Definition of future state requirements and processes.

  • Documentation of the main processes to be covered by the software and process owners

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Business Meeting

CTRM | ETRM Software Selection

  • Market scan to identify, evaluate and short-list vendors based on the requirements and business processes identified. 

  • RFP documentation and process.

  • Vendor negotiation.

Orivyn is 100% vendor agnostic, working on behalf of our clients to optimize ROI and system uptake across the organisation.

Software Implementation & Integration

  • Detailed implementation project plan

  • ​Delivery of interfaces that integrate the C/ETRM system with your internal applications.

  • Assist in internal resource allocation plans.

  • Definition and modelling of your specific business scenarios.​

  • System testing with stakeholder sign off.

  • Assistance in training and documentation to the end-user.

  • Validate business scenarios through user acceptance testing.

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