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Navigating Change | Maximising Returns

Orivyn works as part of your team through each stage of your commodity trading and risk management software implementation and support journey.

From business process documentation, requirements gathering and vendor selection through to implementation and integration.  We help companies reduce implementation risk and reach their time to value targets.

Standing Meeting

As-Is Process Assessment

Orivyn assist your organisation in building a strong foundation in its processes by assessing existing processes, IT landscape, and output documents. We can formalize the current business processes to be covered by the software and provide a detailed business case and ROI. With can help the your organisation streamline its operations, enhance efficiency, and establish a robust process framework for future growth and success.

  • Create a solid foundation in your  organization’s processes.

  • Detailed assessment of existing processes, reports, output documents, IT landscape/System Integrations.

  • Formalization of the as is business processes to be covered by the software.

  • Formalization of the a business case and ROI.

RFP Development and Vendor Selection

Orivyn delivers independent expertise and tools that allow our clients to select a software system precisely matched to  their organization's short and long-term needs.

The choices available may seem overwhelming.


Orivyn removes the frustration, and risk from the process by providing an independent, best practice based, experienced team to reduce the risk of taking the cheapest product, or the one with the best sales representatives.  Orivyn brings the methodology to the table, and CTRM/ETRM knowledge and lead your team through a well-organized process to help you arrive at the best decision for you and your organization, including:


  • We help you perform a market scan to identify, evaluate and short-list vendors based on the requirements and business processes identified. 

  • We assist if and when required in the development of the RFP documentation and process.

  • We work with our clients in the vendor negotiation stage

  • Orivyn is 100%vendor agnostic, working on behalf of our clients to optimize ROI and system uptake across the organisation.

Touchscreen Computer
Business Meeting

Functional | Technical |  Integration Requirements Gathering Services

A detailed product walk-through with the vendor is necessary to identify potential issues and ensure the software meets the organization's needs.

  • Definition of future state requirements and processes.

  • Documentation of the main processes to be covered by the software and process owners

  • Refinement of the vendor's project scope, budget and timelines for the project

  • Detailed product walk through with the vendor and demonstration of your business processes can be handled in the system

Implementation and Integration Services

Orivyn has the experience and understanding of the complexities of implementing CTRM/ETRM solutions and integrating them with legacy software.

  • Work with vendor in tailoring the implementation project plan to meet client functional, technical, integration and resourcing requirements. 

  • ​Delivery of interfaces that integrate the C/ETRM system with the your internal applications.

  • Assist in internal resource allocation plans.

  • Definition and modelling of your specific business scenarios.​

  • System testing with stakeholder sign off.

  • Assistance in training and documentation to the end-user.

  • Validate business scenarios through user acceptance testing.

Modern Work Space

Risk Free Consultation

At the heart of our introductory consultation lies a crucial objective: to gain a deep, comprehensive understanding of your organization's current trading and risk management software landscape. With our extensive industry expertise and cutting-edge tools, we'll conduct a meticulous high-level analysis of your existing systems and processes. Through this process, we'll uncover hidden opportunities and untapped potential for growth, all while leveraging the latest industry best practices to optimize your operations. Let us help you unlock the true potential of your organization and revolutionize the way you do business

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